Showing Your Home

Seller's Handbook: Showing Your Home

Preparing for Showing
A home that stands out from similar houses on the market is the home that sells. A good first impression lasts - and gets offers fast!

You may not be able to improve the market value of your house by finishing the basement or remodeling the kitchen. But you can improve its marketability. How? "Clean up, fix up and toss out." Look at your house from a potential buyer's perspective. In fact, if you visit some open houses, you'll probably pick up some pointers. Make your home as appealing and uncluttered as the home you wish to buy.

Home Buyer's Guide T-III
This exclusive, computerized real estate information system benefits both sellers and buyers. Buyers can look at houses on the market, inside and out. Our staff photographer takes photos of the exterior of our home, and many agents submit interior photos as well. This prescreening effectively reduces the number of showings to "marginally interested" buyers, and ensures that your home is shown to only interested and financially pre-qualified buyers.

Leave the Selling to Us
While you are preparing your home to be shown, your Iowa Realty sales associate is "spreading the word" that your property is available. This listing is promoted to two groups: other real estate agents and the buying public.

Approximately 60% of all buyers come from referrals between brokers and their vast network of contacts. About 10% of buyers come from inquires stimulated by "FOR SALE" yard signs. The remaining 30% come from advertising and other promotions, including open houses. Let us sell your home!

When your home is to be shown, we will always attempt to make an appointment with you, giving you as much advance notice as possible. To help the best impression, we suggest you:

  • Turn on all your lights, including the outside entrance, even during the daytime.
  • Turn off the TV.
  • Ask a friend to keep pets, especially during your Open House.
  • Put out your best towels, tablecloths and other accessories.
  • Make sure there's a property profile folder visible, with the data sheet on utilities, features and other details about the house.
  • If you're home when the prospects arrive, greet them politely and then excuse yourself. Having too many people around during the showing may make the potential buyers feel like an intruder, making it difficult for the selling agent and buyers to be at ease. Leave the selling to us.